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Do you need movement to get spiritual?

do-you-need-movement-to-get-spiritual Hi everyone. This is Lisa Petrucci from Lisa Petrucci Music and I believe in a world where ALL women are inspiring leaders through knowing and expressing their divine feminine power. Today’s... Read more

Be Fearlessly You: thanks!

be-fearlessly-you-thanks Hi everybody! I really appreciate your time and want to THANKYOU for being fearlessly you. If your getting this newsletter, it’s because you believe in dreams, and most importantly, you believe... Read more

Live at Aurora, Florence.

live-at-aurora-florence     Happy Tuesday,   First and foremost, Thankyou for all the love and incredible encouragement I received about my concert!  Friends from far and wide sent me so much loving words, in... Read more

If not now, When?

This Monday, my video, song and story relates to how I change expectations to receive new outcomes. My new dentist name is Matteo Fontana. He is a dentist who at heart is a musician and...Watch the... Read more

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