Hi Friends! I’m Lisa Petrucci.


I’m many things…as a Canadian renaissance woman, I refuse to be put into a box. Since spreading my wings, I have become a Communication Consultant, Studio-Recording Singersongwriter at an Oscar award winning Studio Emme Recording Tuscany, Author, Feldenkrais pracitioner, Teacher, Girl Power, Feminine Alchemic and Goddess coach, healer and artist. I was born & raised in Vancouver, B.C. and lived between Italy and Canada. Through doing an intense personal journey discovering my roots, liberating my creative soul and returning to my feminine power, I discovered how to use the power of my heart, my #reginapower and tapped into techniques of flowing abundance, creativity, communication and true power into everything I do.  I have written a music album “La Regina”  and a book ” The Queen’s Way” that hold the messages of the divine within.

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Professional Bio

Few people would look at any form of pop music and see inspiration. Lisa Petrucci, a Canadian singer, composer, instrumentalist and studio audio engineer having lived 5 years in Florence, Italy, and back in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, creates that inspiration. Her music is uplifting and powerful. Her music, inspired by her personal trip through Italy, brings back an ancient connection to the Feminine Divine in every woman.

“Lisa Petrucci is an upcoming treasure in pop music. The vibration of her soul is transferred into her lyrics and her unique voice transmits her profound beauty and awakens us to our own divinity. She is a real diamond. On and off stage, she shines.” -Marzio Benelli, Artistic Producer Studio Emme Recording.

Lisa Petrucci is the newest and most brilliant incarnation of the Divine Goddess-self with a mission to bring this message of empowerment and love to the whole world. “Lisa Petrucci Music: The Space to Be Fully, Beautifully ALL that you ARE!” With influences from Leonard Cohen to Patti Smith, the art of Michelangelo to beauty of the Italian countryside, Petrucci brings forth from herself all that is embodied in the Glorious, Perfection of the Feminine.

Home Studio, Vancouver 2015

Home Studio, Vancouver 2015

Lisa’s work reawakens in all of us the strength, courage and love to look inside ourselves and keep going. For me, it’s been starting to look inside of me, listen to myself and act in a way I can give and receive from the universe. It’s beautiful listening to her songs because Lisa is able to feel nature and people’s humanity and every single word she uses is related from her soul connected to the universal soul.” -Elena Monini- Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

Lisa is inspiring the planet with her wild, immaculate, pop compositions.  Her upcoming book is written to unleashes in and free every woman on the planet to live freely her highest calling .  She has gracefully and courageously returned herself to the feminine divine and is sharing her powerful message to creative, wild women to rebirth the economy with their highest passions and natural gifts. Her upcoming book on Goddess Holy Spirit Guidance will be released in 2015.

Lisa’s upcoming music album, lyrics and music written by herself and  artistically produced by Marzio Benelli at Oscar-award winning Emme Recording Studio who has worked with the likes of Caetano Veloso, Ginger Baker and Mick Ronson, guitarist and producer of David Bowie.  This mesh between North American, Canadian and Italian  cultures have created a whole new pop/jazz/folk/world sound.

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