La Regina, the RCMP and Soroptomist International Walk a Mile in her Shoes

Yesterday I was honoured to be invited to support this awesome event held by the International Soroptomist Women’s Organization educating and raising awareness for gender equity and overcoming sexual harassment.

I feel empowered raising awareness for women and girls through positive and honouring messages that good men send to the world. Strong masculinity thrives on strong healthy femininity. It felt so great for me to see the RCMP and firefighters sending a powerful message of love, compassion and support to our community honouring women you know, that other 50 percent of the population :)  As a commited artist, woman, and activist I am grateful to let my music from my upcoming album “La Regina” and now my book “The Queen’s Way” serve women across the world to recognize their innate gifts and have the courage to deliver them for all to love, appreciate and be blessed by…especially our awesome men :)

GIRL POWER is enabled by awesome GUY POWER, the real and only kind: Kingly kindness and servitude. 

Serving the best in you all,



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Artist of the Year Nomination

I am deeply grateful and ecstatic to find out while sipping my delicious caffe latte while feeling like I am enjoying the deepest pleasure of my culture: homemade pizza I made with Ammar and suddenly he gets an email with the final list of artists to vote for Juno Awards BOOM, in complete BEWILDERMENT,  right next to my Canadian heroes, Celine Dion, and Leonard Cohen is my name LISA PETRUCCI Artist of the Year which you Academy Delegates get to vote for.  I am beyond myself and am ready to be nominated and winner. Here we go! #GIRLPOWER #GIRLBOSS #LAREGINA15440501_10157958660450323_2291006984226542324_o

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If Not Now When? Lyrics

Lisa SaxIf Not Now When?

(Do what you want Do what you want! Be who you want!)

When will you be rich enough, to feel the sun?
When will you be poor enough to let love in?
Must you be a baby to return to innocence?
Or must you be dying to feel your essence?

When will you be thin enough to undress your man?
When will you be fat enough to feel you woman’s hand?
Must you have a million shoes to be in touch with the floor?
Or must you have killed the Christian whore to let her body roar?

Can you feel the rhythm Can you fee the rhythm when you stop complaining?
Can you feel the rhythm Can you fee the rhythm when you stop explaining?
Can you feel the rhythm when you read the Koran?
Can you feel the rhythm when you reach to Jesus’ hand?

Do what you want Do what you want!

When will you be fast enough to feel the flow of your blood?
When will you be slow enough to give in to God?
Must you have a million dollars to appreciate your health?
Or must you be flat broke to find out you were always someone else?

Can you feel the rhythm Can you fee the rhythm when you stop complaining?
Can you feel the rhythm Can you fee the rhythm when you stop explaining?
Can you feel the rhythm when you dance dance dance?
Can you feel the rhythm when you chant chant chant?

A full woman is a whore, is a saint, an open door , a man on the floor
Millions are crying and praying for Lord feelings, we don’t want to analyse
We want to explore, we wanna explore an open door!

If not now, If not now when?
If not now, If not now when?
Whore Or In OR OUT!

Words and Music by Lisa Petrucci

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Do What You Want

Wondering what to do?

DO WHAT YOU WANT! inside deep down in the valves of your pipes is flowing powerful potent desirous callings that you are for whatever reason hiding from.  You can’t hide from these beams of massive light. They are seeking to shovel out your ghosts and make a big costume party with your soul, so let go and do it! Dance, party and shake all the beasts and belles and ring those bells cause the cows are coming home and they aint waiting for the grass to get greener. They like the grass just the way it is.

From a Canadian mountie to an Italian Buffon,

Trust me,


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Woman’s Power Transformational Course! Join me!

Woman’s Power Transformational Course

Explore your deep feminine desires, awaken your sensuality, discover your internal power to be, do, have whatever you dream to create. Recognise your talents and gifts. Find courage to share and develop them and step into greater possibilities for your life by overcoming limiting beliefs.

Join me in an ongoing women’s power course where we explore through meditation, mind/body practise of Feldenkrais, and internal processes to unleash our wild, resourceful, infinitely creative, and powerful feminine nature.
Who:  Women of all ages seeking to know themselves and their personal power
When: Mondays Ongoing 7:30-9:00pm
Where: My living room 982 East 28th Ave. Vancouver
Monthly Costs: 99$ 
Private Sessions are available
Contact me further for more info:
Connect. Be confident. Open your heart. SHINE!
www.lisapetruccimusic.comScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 23.09.43
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Lisa Petrucci Interview – MotherpreneurTV with Christina Waschko

Exciting and juicy interview with Christina Waschko of MotherpreneurTV Christina encouraging women to overcome limiting beliefs and stand in their commitment to their gifts. Stay tuned for upcoming workshop!
Follow her: You tube: Motherpreneur TV
Facebook: The Motherpreneur


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